Dartington Website redesign

Dartington is a complex organisation with three major strands of charitable activity - Arts, Social Justice and Sustainability. To help support these activities Dartington has long had a number of commercial operations - a restaurant, cinema, conference centre, bedrooms and a shopping complex. Trying to impart the full richness of the place on its website has always been a major challenge.

My approach the web redesign was to get buy in from the senior management team on what the style and content of the website should be. There was general agreement that the site must convey the creative spirit of the place, clearly indicate the main areas of activity and offer easy access to the rich diversity of the activities offered.

Here's the result of my design input combined with the hard work of Dartington's in house web team.

Like all designs it could be improved but there was agreement that the new site was a huge improvement. The live site is here and here are a couple of screen grabs.

Dartington home

DArtington arts