Communications Strategy

Talking to associates about a tech startup I'm involved in has had me rehearsing thoughts about communications and why I'm so keen that communications be central to business strategy.

Everything we do communicates something - the way we do our hair, the clothes we wear, the way we speak. And more than that - what we do and how we do it tells stories about us and what drives us. This applies to a business just as much as it does to individuals. Some people call this branding - but I think that's lazy speak and branding has become debased by too many companies setting out to manipulate consumers rather than convey something real.

I prefer to focus on communicating content - the real stuff that the company does. If the company does something well then the next step is to tell people about it. And the manner of that telling has to match the company and the clients of that company.

Big questions I find helpful when thinking about communications are: what am I trying to say? Who am I trying to say it to? What do I want listeners/readers/viewers to feel? What do I want them to think ? And what do I want them to do as result of receiving my message?

I don't think this is difficult stuff but it needs careful thought as well as creativity - and to be truly effective the messages need to be built on a foundation of truth, honesty, integrity - all those old fashioned words that should never be confused with the shiny layer that is generally covered by the word 'branding'.

Here endeth the lesson for today!